About Us

Intergovernmental & Global Affairs

The Department of Intergovernmental and Global Affairs (IGA), formerly known as the “Office of Legislative Relations” (OLR), is responsible for overseeing the legislative and regulatory efforts on behalf of Harris County. 

At the direction of the Commissioners Court, while under the guidance of the Office of County Administration, the IGA team identifies legislative and funding priorities for Harris County, and then advances those priorities before state lawmakers in Austin and federal officials in Washington D.C., and among other locations as needed. 

With a large international community, hosting 92 consulates, and home to one of the busiest ports in the country, the IGA department also examines and acts on global affairs that impact Harris County.


Public Policy & Government Affairs

Advance Policy Goals – Develop processes that best position the County to achieve its policy goals, as they relate to the County's priority outcomes and its legislative agenda.

Robust Engagement – Ensure that the Department is providing consistent communication and relevant information to stakeholders, County departments, and offices.
Communicate County Priorities and Progress - Communicates and partners with local, state, and federal governments and organizations such as the National Association of Counties to promote Harris County priorities.
Enhance Access to Funding Opportunities – Support the County's efforts to identify new funding opportunities.



IGA works to further the County’s legislative, intergovernmental, and global affairs priorities, while exemplifying transparency, equity and inclusivity on behalf of Harris County. The Department supports the developing needs of Harris County departments and elected officials as the County builds a more dynamic, vibrant and resilient community, in line with the County’s priority outcomes.